The Maryam Center aims to provide children from underprivileged families with access to academic or professional courses, and thereby increase their chances to be accepted to a university, or get a sustainable work position. We offer courses such as: English, Russian, Azeri, Italian, and German language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Art, guitar courses, dance courses, CISCO Networking education, Computer programs, Design programs, technical courses, and carpet weaving.
In 2004 we started with about 40 students, while in 2015 we have almost 400 registered pupils who study in our center, 25 teachers, and other support staff working in the center. However, in order to grow further, we also realize the need of improving the quality of our center, both material and personal.We therefore included our ideas and plans in this project, which should serve as a guide to go further in providing better education for our students.