The Mary center is favorite place for local and foreign volunteers. We have a long term experience with a lot of volunteers. Each year we organize summer and winter camps, different activities for children and youngsters. The volunteers are a necessary part of this work and play a very important role.
Everybody can help in field he or she likes – with teaching (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or another mother language), preparing activities for kids and young, dancing, singing, cooking, joining camp during year, cleaning and loot more.

Why I should join?
It is a great possibility how to help local Azeri children to develop their talents, to help them grow, experience new workshops, activities, games, teaching processes.. all the things YOU prepare for them!
Also for you as a volunteer by meeting people with different culture, thinking, life values, mentality, faith.. you will broad your world, thinking, dreams, you self-develop, will be more heartily, tolerant, gratefully and lot more.

Want to join us?
Great! Write us an e-mail: or visit our Facebook web page!