The Mary center is favorite place for local and foreign volunteers. We have a long term experience with a lot of volunteers. Each year we organize summer and winter camps, different activities for children and youngsters. The volunteers are a necessary part of this work and play a very important role.

Laure (France), Veronika (Slovakia), Vefa (Azerbaijan), Melanie (Austria)

Laure (France), Veronika (Slovakia), Vefa (Azerbaijan), Melanie (Austria)

Everybody can help in field he or she likes – with teaching (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or another mother language), preparing activities for kids and young, dancing, singing, cooking, joining camp during year, cleaning and loot more.

Why I should join?
It is a great possibility how to help local Azeri children to develop their talents, to help them grow, experience new workshops, activities, games, teaching processes.. all the things YOU prepare for them!
Also for you as a volunteer by meeting people with different culture, thinking, life values, mentality, faith.. you will broad your world, thinking, dreams, you self-develop, will be more heartily, tolerant, gratefully and lot more.

Want to join us?
Great! Write us an e-mail: or visit our Facebook web page!

Mary center was part of EVS service (nowadays known as European Solidarity Corps)

which means it is really easy and convenient to come here as a volunteer from Europe. From other parts of the world it is more expensive, but we can help you with finding cheap accommodation and food.

Contacts for other possibilities to find and participate at similar projects:

List of (some of) our great volunteers

2015/2016 – Martina Ihnatova – from Slovakia
Martina is a long-term EVS volunteer.
Her position in “Mary” center : project coordinator and English teacher.



Camille Mayer , Jean Paul Junior Same Mepiaye , Dalla Siscko , Michael James Hall , Vincianne Deshaies – from France
They were short-term EVS volunteers.
Their position in “Mary” center : French and English teachers.

Vefa (Azerbaijan), Laure (France)

Laure Vigne – a very good volunteer from France, she stayed with us longer, the children and youth love her very much. She was also actively helping our participation on the Regional Conference in France/Lourdes, where international Caritas organizations met together and discussed the challenges of youth, social help, tolerance.



Dominika Greifova – from Slovakia
Volunteer in August.





Melanie Daniel – from Austria
Melanie was a short-term EVS volunteer(July – September 2015).
Her position in “Mary” center : German and English teacher, preparation and joining summer camp, painter of our center.




Berkan Sayal – from Turkey
His position in “Mary” center: Participating in the summer camp.



Jan Sami Meftali – from France
Sami was a short-term EVS volunteer, participating in the summer camp.



Martin Vanek – from Slovakia. 2013/2014
He was a long-term EVS volunteer. Responsible for the Futball school, English conversations, free-time activities, games, sports. 🙂 



Vendula Zapletalova & Katerina Plichkova – from Czech Republic
They were volunteers for 2 months.




Aneshka Bulejova & Monika Pribelova – from Slovakia
They were a long-term EVS volunteers.




Gabor Wagner – from Hungary
EVS volunteer for one month
His position in “Mary” center: English teacher



Steven Mutuku from Kenya. He stayed with us for couple of years. Was organizing English conversations and sport events.



James & Ella from England. 2010
They were EVS short-term volunteers for 3 months.
Their position in “Mary” center: English teachers, participated in the summer camps.




Veronika Strigachova, Katarina Kruzhliakova, Alenka Vojonchiakova – EVS long term volunteers from Slovakia. Alenka stayed with us for more years and was very active in coordination of activities, volunteers, youth, preparing various events, camps, activities. We are very thankful for her help.

Martina Hatokova – from Slovakia
Volunteer for one month in august 2010.
Her position in “Mary” center: Decoration and reviving the color of the walls in our center.


174, 53, 207, 0, 0, 486

Evka, Evka, Janka, Monika – volunteers from Slovakia