Melahet Khezretova

From the 3rd form to the 8th

The Alphabet

Learning to write the letters and words

The numbers

Learning the new words

The plural form of nouns

There is / There are

Present simple

The time

Months and seasons of the year

Present continuous

Past simple

Irregular verbs

The pronoun

The preposition

Past continuous

Future simple / Future continuous

Modal verbs

The question sentences

The negative sentences

The exlamatory sentences

Learning the new words

The 9th – 10th – 11th forms

The Noun

The Article

The Adjective

The Adverb

The Pronoun

The Numeral

The Verb

The Simple tense

The Continuous tense

The Perfect tense

The Perfect Continuous tense

Sequences of tense

The Preposition

Modal Verbs

Auxiliary verbs

The Conjunction

The Passive Voice

The Complex object

New Words